Library Collection

Madan Puraskar Pustakalya (MPP) has a unique collection of monographs, periodicals and ephemera which reflects different aspects of Nepalese society, culture, history and Nepali literature of different periods. The library collection is rich in rare materials, which are very vulnerable for circulation. It is also unique and different from usual libraries. The collections comprises newsletters, posters, pamphlets, banners, calendars, manuscripts, reports, manifestos, letters, sketches, photographs, negatives, film-footage, speeches, press releases, images of wall paintings, invitations, audio-records etc. Now, the library holds the largest collection of the monographs, periodicals and ephemera written and published in Nepali language. Also, it holds a significantly large collection of photographs and photo-negatives (both celluloid and glass plates).

Current Status of Collections at MPP

Collections Numbers
Monographs 30,000
Periodicals 6,000
Ephemera 13,000
Photographs (old b/w) 15,000
Photographs (new) 37,000
Audio/Visuals 750
Manuscripts 710


MPP has now around 36,670 titles of monographs published in Nepali language. The collection covers several subjects, few of which are Nepali literature, history, sociology, military science, etc. The library has been cataloging the bibliographic information using in-house cataloging software. Monographs can be browsed and searched using the monograph search in the website of MPP. Also, the library has been re-cataloguing its bibliographic records in MAchine Readable Catalog (MARC) format, since 2008. Soon, the bibliographic records in MARC format will be available in the website of MPP.


MPP has the largest collection of periodicals published in Nepali language. Now the library holds more than five thousand titles of the periodicals like newspapers, magazines, journals, bulletins and occasional papers. The catalogued periodicals can be browsed and searched using the periodical search.


MPP collection contains about 710 different manuscripts written in Nepali language. The language itself being new, the collection of these manuscripts has a great significance for the researchers and scholars in researching the history and origin of Nepali language. MPP has digitized 215 manuscripts of the total collection.


MPP is among few libraries in Nepal which archives rare photos. The photo collection is gradually increasing and it has reached up to 15,000 old b/w photographs and around 37,000 new photographs. The collection is further enriched by the contribution from different individuals like Madan Mani Dixit, Hutta Ram Vaidya, Kanak Mani Dixit, Kamal Mani Dixit and many others. The collection not only holds the printed photographs but also the glass plates and celluloid negatives of different size. MPP has digitized around 10,000 old photographs. MPP has been continuously taking photographs of the political graffiti around the Kathmandu valley. These political graffiti include the street arts, political massages/notices, banners, hoarding boards, etc. MPP will put the entire collection online in the near future.

Audio Visuals

The library also collects and archives audio and visuals in different medium. Now, the library has around 750 records of audio and visuals. The collection of audio/visuals showcases different areas of interests like musical tracks, oral testimonies, audio corpus, recordings of the interviews from the radio, voices of different litterateurs, etc. The collection ranges from old gramophone disc to the compact disc.


MPP not only archives monographs and periodicals, but also archives the ephemeral publications published in different occasions. The ephemera record the minute details of the everyday events taking place in the country. There are around 13,000 ephemera in the MPP collection.