Archive & Dissemination

MPP is open for academic and public research. Moreover, digitization is part of routine archiving activities at MPP.


In recent years, digitization has proved to be a cost-effective method for preservation world over. Since the past four years, MPP has also taken up digitization for preservation of archival materials. This year we are attempting a new initiative in our digitization program. Our team will digitize around 200 titles of periodicals (daily newspapers and weeklies) published throughout the year (July 2010 – June 2011) and make them available online. Earlier MPP had digitized 7,500 photographs, 215 manuscripts, and 1400 ephemera. Though the library has some experiences on digitization, this is the first time the library is doing digitization of periodicals on this scale. The materials will be available online from February 2011.We hope it will prove to be an important online resource for scholars.